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DIY Scaffold Tower Hire Kensal Green

We supply fibreglass/grp, aluminium, liftshaft scaffold towers for hire. Providing scaffolding towers in Kensal Green and across Hertfordshire, Greater london and Essex. Access towers, connecting decks & more, our range of towers and platforms are very easy to set up, secure & certified.

Our company offer numerous other work platforms that are suited for really specific jobs. These types of tools feature low level platforms, self-propelled electrical platforms and many more.

Scaffold hire London

Folding Interior Scaffolds

Scaffold Tower you can get to light fixtures to swap light bulbs or wash high home windows in the great room. This kind of Scaffold Tower enables you to easily access hard to reach places to put in acoustical or ceiling tiles, do electrical work or complete AIR CONDITIONER setup. Wheel from 1 end of the room to the other, for painting, patching, wallpapering and hanging plasterboard with eight 5 in. swivel locking casters. Which’s a significant help when you don’t have time to take down and build up the scaffolding. Homeowners and contractors alike will appreciate the 250kg. weight capacity. That means you can easily get two or even more big men up there in order to help with plaster board setup or painting. A large, 66.5 in. L x 16.25 in. W, wood and lightweight alloy deck offers a durable work surface. The Youngman Two Story Rolling Scaffold Tower unit includes everything you need to build a safe and secure internal scaffold unit, from the casters to the guard rail. Work with a singular or twin deck, based upon the requirements of the job. When used as an individual story unit, the scaffolding measures only one metre wide.

Scaffold hire London

Cantilever Systems Kensal Green

4.2 Metre (13ft 10in) Aluminium lightweight access tower rental with 850mm cantilever frames to overcome obstacles at height. Twin width tower offering a platform area of 1.80 metre by 1.45 metre. The level of the tower specified is the platform level, a guardrail system on the platform will make the tower 1 metre higher. Provided along with adjustable securing castors, protection toe-boards together with stabilisers where needed. Our scaffold towers come in several different varieties and models, according to exactly what is needed of them.

Span Access Systems Health and safety

Standard safety helmets and bump caps are needed where protection against falling items and overhanging obstructions is obligatory on the construction site. Safety Footwear:

For necessary toe protection, specified reinforced footwear designed to BSEN345 is advised. Protective Gloves:

A wide array of gauntlets, PVC, pure cotton and rigger gloves strongly recommended to provide essential hand safety

Kensal Green Stairs alloy Towers

For an one person tower, the MiTower serves it’s purpose very well by providing access in limited locations by having only one individual being involved to put up or disassemble the tower. If a much larger tower is called for, the MiTower Plus is readily available in a very similar format but for two persons instead (due to its greater size).

Lift Shaft Towers Kensal Green

Staging Height (m) Max. Safe Working Height (m) Tower Width (m) Max. Safe Working Load per Platform (kg) BoSS Liftshaft 7004m6m0.7 m275kg BoSS Lift Shaft 700 is the lighter construction modular access tower unit, designed for use in confined areas. The 61420400 confined space tower systems have a small base dimension 0.7 m wide and 4m platform level. Featuring Lift Shaft/ confined space stabiliser for highest stability (available for platform heights from 4m to 20m).

700mm width and 1.3 m length for restricted spaces 250mm rung frames for quick climbing Walkthrough portal frames for complete access below the tower SP4 stabilisers for confined space Popular frame heights 2m, 1.5 m and 1m.

Where room is narrowed, our 6.2 m Handrail Narrow Tower, 1.8 m Deck, are able to fix your access problems. This specific narrow width scafford tower is ideal for hallways and side elevations. Prices quoted to Kensal Green are for Handrail level. Add 1m for working level. Where room is limited, our 0.85 m slim width alloy towers can deal with your access troubles.

Could we make it a lot higher by adding in more components?

Yes no problem. Just explain what exactly you require and we’ll ensure positive you get the equipment you need to reach the right working platform height.

Is the level adjustable?

You bet it is. Add more or less components to your requirements. The platform could be placed in any place on the scaffold so give you the working height needed.

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